Huawei FreeLace Lite – Black

QAR 155


With its airy light feel and colorful look, HUAWEI FreeLace Lite breathes new life into your leisure time and workouts.

Comfortable Wearing, with a Snug Fit

The semi-in-ear design gives your ears room to breathe. The soft, skin-soothing ear stabilizers keep the earphones firmly fixed during workouts.


More Listening on Less Charging

The earphones’ large-capacity battery gives you up to 18 hours of listening on a full charge. The fast-charging feature allows for four hours of playback on just a five-minute charge.


Surging Bass Tones That Move You at Your Heart

The 13 mm large dynamic driver works with an independent metal bass tube, to produce a lower bass, and a richly layered listening experience.


AI Call Noise Cancellation, for Enhanced Conversations

The AI call noise cancellation feature distinguishes between voices and ambient noise during calls, based on a deep learning neural network algorithm, keeping your conversations clear and effortless, even in noisy environments.


Audio and Video Syncing, for More Immersive Gameplay

Game audio is optimized across the board, with highly-synced audio and video that keep controls in lockstep, and provides for buttery smooth gameplay.


Smart Magnetic Earbuds

HUAWEI FreeLace Lite’s Magnetic Earbuds make it easy to control the connection. When the earphones are attached, playback will automatically pause to save power. When separated, the connection is instantly restored for you.


One-Step Quick pairing

When the earphones are in Pairing mode, nearby devices, such as phones, tablets, and PCs, will detect the earphones and automatically display a pop-up that prompts you to connect to the earphones.


Direct Voice Assistant Access

Press and hold the + or – volume button to wake up the voice assistant on your phone. Press once to select a playlist, set an alarm, start navigation, make a call, or perform other operations.

Huawei FreeLace Lite – Black
QAR 155
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